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It’s a somewhat soggy Thursday with occasional bursts of sunlight, one of those sunbeam splitting the clouds being the shiny visage of Alex Fitch, updating us with his aural delights; as usual check the Panel Borders site for more details and links to podcasts of previous shows.

Strip!: The art of Kevin O’Neill, tonight at 5pm on Resonance FM, podcast on Panel Borders after transmission

Concluding Sci-Fi comics month on Strip!, Alex Fitch talks to artist Kevin O’Neill about his work with writer Pat Mills from his early days working on Nemesis the Warlock and A.B.C. Warriors in 2000AD to the hero hunting cop Marshal Law for various publishers. Alex and Kevin also talk about the film adaptations of his work from Hardware (based on the short story Shok!) to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, loosly based on the comic he co-created with Alan Moore. Recorded live in front of an audience at Sci-Fi London.

Nemesis the Warlock Kevin O'Neill

(a page of classic Nemesis the Warlock art for 2000 AD by Kev O’Neill)

Reality Check: The current state of Stargate, online at  SciFi London on Monday 3rd August at 8pm

As one era of Stargate on TV comes to close and before the next begins, we’re looking at the past of the franchise on DVD and CD. Guest interviewer Liz George talks to actress Rachel Luttrell about her experiences on Stargate: Atlantis and Alex Fitch talks to author James Swallow about his Stargate: SG1 & Atlantis talking books.

Coming soon:

Strip!: Horrible Histories, on Resonance FM Thursday 6th August at 5pm

Starting children’s comics fortnight on Resonance FM, Alex Fitch talks to writer Terry Deary and cartoonist Martin Brown about their hugely successful range of childrens books, Horrible Histories, which have formed the inspiration for an exhibtion that’s just opened at the Imperial War Museum, London.

Previous podcasts:

Panel Borders: Doctor Who comics then…

Alex Fitch talks to two of the creators of Marvel UK’s seminal Who comic strip printed in Doctor Who Weekly. Pat Mills co-wrote the first 43 instalments of the weekly Doctor Who strip with fellow 2000AD cohort John Wagner, bring to the page such outlandish tales as The Iron Legion and The Star Beast about a Robot Roman army and a psychotic cute alien who befriends children. Dave Gibbons drew 56 of the first 60 instalments of the Marvel comic, making him the most iconic artist to be associated with Tom Baker’s Doctor in comic strip format and drew the first episode of Peter Davison’s run, as his swan song. Alex talks to Pat and Dave about their work on the comic and also about Pat’s forays into Who on the radio, writing scripts for Colin Baker and Paul McGann.

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