Jenny Robbins wins the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition

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We’ve posted several times before about top UK Indy publisher Myriad Editions and their strong track record of not only having some quite excellent and diverse graphic novels in their publishing slate, but also for their extremely welcome approach to encouraging and nurturing new talent. The Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition has become a major component of this approach to encouraging new talent to show off their works, giving creators a chance for their work to be evaluated by a panel of expert judges, with the winner getting a chance to have their work developed with Myriad with a view to publication (in fact not just the previous winners have gone on to have their completed graphic novels published by Myriad, the quality of entrants is so strong several runners up also ended up with publication deals!). This year’s winner was announced at the tail-end of last week:

Myriad Editions is delighted to announce that the winner of the 2018 First Graphic Novel Competition (FGNC) is Jenny Robins. The announcement was made by former FGNC winner Jade Sarson at a packed event hosted by solicitors Hodge Jones and Allen on Thursday 5 July. The winner is offered the chance to develop their work with Myriad with a view to publication.

Jenny Robins was chosen for her graphic-novel-in-progress Biscuits (assorted) interweaving stories featuring a diverse cast of women living in London. The characters include Maya, who overshares on public transport, Hana, a relentlessly positive supermarket employee and Sarah, a cancer patient completing a data analysis on London’s
playgrounds with her daughter. Biscuits (assorted) was chosen from 109 entries, over 60% by women.”

Huge congratulations to Jenny for winning and to all who took part – as one of the judges, Kate Evans, remarked, the quality of the runner up entries was again so strong that they all seemed to the judges to be worthy of publication. That’s something we’ve seen before in the Myriad FGNC and I think it speaks volumes about the quality of some of the comics creators we have in the UK, and I too sincerely hope they too get a chance to be published and shared with the reading public. The 2018 FGNC shortlist also included Cathy Brett for Who Killed Jo-Jo?, Sabba Khan’s Pluralism, Clarrie Pope and Blanche Pope’s Welcome Homeby, Zara Slattery’s Coma Comic, Anna Trench’s Ezra Stoneleigh, and Sarah Ushurhe’s Perservere. The judges were Corrine Pearlman, Sarah Shaffi, Wei Ming Kam, Kate Evans, and Martin Rowson. I’m also quite delighted to learn that from the 109 entries over 60% were from women creators, a good sign in and of itself.

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