Mister Wonderful

Published On January 18, 2011 | By | Comics

A new collection of Daniel Clowes work coming soon from Jonathan Cape? Oh yes, indeedy! Mister Wonderful: a Love Story, collects the tale first serialised in the New York Times Magazine, plus some forty pages of new material, following Marshall: middle-aged, unemployed and divorced, waiting nervously for a blind date with Natalie, a woman his sole remaining friend (his ex-wife having taken the rest) has set him up with. Except she doesn’t appear after ten minutes, twenty, half an hour, an hour… Marshall finds himself looking at any single woman coming in wondering if one may be Natalie, wondering if the entire thing was a mistake to even try, when she finally does arrive late, apologising. And it’s then that things really start to begin.

Well, that’s what they tell us about the story, but let’s be honest –  they had us at new Daniel Clowes collection, didn’t they?

(all art by and (c) Daniel Clowes, Mister Wonderful published in the UK by Jonathan Cape in April)

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