Quick & Flupke in English – how do I buy an International Money order?

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If you are an English speaking Hergé fan it’s pretty likely that you are missing copies of his other major comics work outside of The Adventures of Tintin. Quick & Flupke has, as far as I remember (and a look through Amazon seems to confirm it) only ever had a limited number of the books printed in English and that was back in the early 80’s or very early 90’s; they change hands for relatively high prices today. Well I’ve only just noticed that if you can find an Indian bookseller, or have an Indian friend who can get them for you, that gap need no longer exist. Euro Books are part of a ‘boom’ in childrens comics in India and they are translating a number of famous European comics into English for their home market. Earlier this year they released all 11 of the Herge Quick & Flupke books in new English editions; follow the link and go to Q&F on the left sidebar for pics (there are 12 books in the series but the first one was not drawn by Hergé and is not released by EB).

Herge Quick and Flupke.jpg

In chronological order they are:

Forbidden Games
Everything’s Fine
Full Sail
It’s Your Turn
Without Mercy
Excuse Me Ma’am
Long Live Progress
Pranks and Jokes
Fasten Your Seat Belt

Each retails for 199 rupees – roughly the equivalent of £2.50. At the same price they have released 12 of Franquin’s insanely popular Spirou books (which include the kids favourite and unavoidable merchandising sensation that is Marsupulami) most of these, I’m pretty sure, for the first time ever in English. They have plans for many other classic comics from the Franco/Belgian stable – including Goscinny’s Iznogud which again hasn’t seen any English translation since the 70’s, and then only a small number of the books – although Cinebook in the UK have just released a first volume, with a second due late this summer – wonder who will get them out sooner? If you are a fan of the classic European kids comics keep your eyes on India – there is a bonanza coming your way. If anyone knows a reliable Indian online bookseller give us a link and we’ll repost it in this news item.

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2 Responses to Quick & Flupke in English – how do I buy an International Money order?

  1. Gopal Srinivasan says:

    The Spirou and Quick and Flupke titles can be bought online from Landmark Bookstores http://www.landmarkonthenet.com

  2. Rosa says:

    Ah, Help! The site mentioned above only delivers to india, is there anywhere else that ships internationally?